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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Retail-sol.com trading website being operated by the E-cart Internet Services Pakistan. Thanks for visiting our website. We respect your interest in our site .we value your privacy and aim to safeguard your personal info that you share with us on our trading portal. To know more about us, please read this privacy policy designed to safeguard your personal information you share with us on this site. This privacy policy explains our methods to collect you info and how we use it. It also describes our methods used to safeguard your personal info.

Data we collect from you is only limited to one that is required by us in dealing with you and it is mentioned in our privacy policy. We will not collect any info irrelevant to our use. Secondly, the information collected will be kept with us only till the purpose of the info is accomplished or is set by the legal requirements.

However, you can view our site and browse it without providing your personal info. In your casual visit to our website, you remain anonymous. We cannot identify you unless you subscribe to our website by creating an account with your assigned username and password.

Data we collect from you:

We collect your information when you place an order to purchase any product placed on the website. We collect your information only when you place an order to purchase or sell any product or services via our websites and to answer any possible later claims regarding the product or services. We collect your info like name, title, gender, postal address, e-mail id, contact numbers, fax numbers, delivery address, payment card details, online payment details or bank account info. The information gathered is used to deliver the order or services to you or any info required by the end of our website. The info will be used to verify the transaction of the payment you have made for availing any service or product from our site. Besides, the info will be used to administer your account, to improvise the layout of the website pages, and to customize them for the users fair usage, to identify the visitors visiting our website and to send the information to our users and visitors that they have requested . The info will be related to the services provided by us or concerning the products we are dealing with on our website. All this will be done with your consent that you do not object for being contacted for such purposes. For getting your consent we will contact you on e-mail bearing the detailed info of the services and the products. However if don’t aim to get our products and services notification you can opt the option any time by clicking the link mentioned below the product promotional mail. In this manner, you won’t get any notification mail regarding the products and the services by us.

For the delivery of any product to you, we may forward your details to the third party like our Courier Company or supplier so you need to submit only the details that are accurate. We request you to keep your details updated and if there come any changes in your provided details, please do inform us at the earliest either by contacting us or by updating in your allotted user account portal, when you place any order any product, your details may get restored with us, but due to some of the security concerns it cannot be retrieved by us, you can access this info by logging into your subscribed user account on our website. By logging into your account, you will be able to see the complete details and the status of the orders you have made you can see the details of the orders that have been accomplished, and of those that are in the process of dispatching and those that are about to be dispatched . Moreover, you can also administer your delivery address details, your payment details, and details of any newsletter you have subscribed too. It is your sole responsibility to treat your account data in secret and don’t make it exposed to any third party. Besides, it is your sole responsibility to safeguard your password and user name allotted to you to log on to this website. We will not be accountable for the misuse of your password until this misuse results from our end.

Other use of your personal information:

Personal info gathered from you might be us for the market search. We keep your details anonymous and are only used for the statical purpose and you can choose to opt this anytime you want. Details and answers collected from you in survey and opinion polls will never be forwarded to any third party. Your email address will only be disclosed if you will take part in any completion held by the site. Info on our website about us, our products, newsletters or sales promotions our business partners will be sent to you on your email address. If you don’t want such emails you can opt the service notification by clicking the link “unsubscribing link” mentioned under the email. Services promotional email will be ceased within 7 working days of submission of unsubscribing request for emails.

The users data may be further anonymized generally for using for various other purposes like for verifying the general position of the users, and for analyzing the use of certain aspects and features of the site, and to provide the data to the third parties like publishers for certain purposes. However, such an anonymized data is not capable enough to identify anyone personally.

Use for competition:

The data collected from the user is used to notify the winning users who participated in the competition held by our website.

Transferring the data to the third parties:

Your data may be transferred to the companies our parties who aid us in delivering the ordered items to you, Or to those who help in collecting payment from you or to those who analyze the data and provide us the customer support and marketing services. Your data may be only forwarded to our those contractors who help us in using your data according to the rules set in our private policy. Your data might be forwarded to the parties and agents working against the fraudulent activities and credit card secure transactions. Other these mentioned conditions, we do not disclose your information without your prior consent unless required to do by the law agencies. You may find the advertising links of third parties and frames of other websites on our site. Beware of the facts that we are not responsible for any of the privacy practices of those third parties and site operators.


Cookies are the files which link the computers of our site viewers with our servers as a unique user when they visit our site and they get stored on your computer’s hard drive in your internet browser. The cookies help to identify your computer’s IP address thus help to save your time when you wish to visit the site again. We use cookies to facilitate you in using our site like to recognize you when you want to amend your shopping cart without re-entering your e-mail address. It is not used for getting any other information about you. If you don’t want to receive the cookies you need to restrict the use of the website but we assure cookies does not contain any of your personal info for getting more info about the cookies please visit the link https://www.allaboutcookies.org and to make them eradicated or removed from your system visit this link https://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html .

Security of your info:

Appropriate technical and security measures have been adopted by our site developers to prevent unlawful and unauthorized access or damage to your information. The data collected from you is secured on our secure servers. Firewalls are used on our servers. You are responsible for safeguarding your passwords. In our security procedures, we may request from you the proof of identity before revealing your info to you.

Your rights:

You have full right get access to your personal data which we processed about you. You also bear the right to make us correct your data in case you find any inaccuracies in your data free of charges.

Privacy term and condition:

Welcome to the trading portal of RETAIL-SOL.COM. At our trading portal, we provide you an opportunity to purchase and sell your precious brands on safe and easy terms and condition. We feel delighted in assuring you that you are at the safe end while dealing with us if you follow the terms and condition applied to the site.

When you visit our site, you appear to approve and comprehend the terms and condition set by the company administrators. if you do not agree with the terms and conditions designed by the administrators, you are recommended not to use this trading website. The site holds the right to bring change and modifications in portions of the term and conditions at any time. Changes if ever made will be posted on the website and will be effective from the time they are posted on the site. So, RETAIL-SOL.COM request its users and subscribers to check the terms and condition to use the site on regular basis for getting updated. Your continuous use of sites following the posting of changing the terms and conditions affirms that you accept the changes if made in.

Usage of the site:

Anyone below the age of 18 years is not allowed to use the site for purchasing or trading any brand or item without the supervision of parents and legal guardian. We offer you a non-transferable and non-recoverable registration license for shopping personal items from website .use the website according to described usage policy to make your use safe and secure. The use of the site for commercial use or on the behalf of the third party is totally prohibited unless permitted by RETAIL-SOL.COM in advance. Any sort of violation practiced against the terms and condition policies will result in the immediate termination of registration license granted to you without any prior notice.

Content available on the website is solely for the information of the valued visitors. Products info and presentation expressed on the websites belongs to the trading vendor who deals via us and is not designed by us. Opinions and suggestions expressed on the websites belong to the individuals who posted their contents and comments. The comments and views on the site does not reveal any of RETAIL-SOL.COM opinions in any regard.

Registration of an account:

For availing certain features and services offered by the site registration or subscription is required. For getting subscribed to the site you need to provide correct and accurate info .secondly in the case of any change in your provided info you are obliged to update the info on our website. Once you are subscribed you are provided with user unique user name and password and every user is solely responsible for keeping password and other account info safe and secure. Every activity practiced under such password and account will be the sole responsibility of the account’s owner, furthermore, if anyone finds any unauthorized use of his account or password he is obliged to notify us at the first priority. The site will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of your failure to comply with this section.

When you subscribe your e mail address to us, you provide your consent to get the promotional e-mail from our site. But in case you don’t want the notifications of promotional e–mails you act to opt out them by clicking on the link at the bottom of promotional mail sent to you.


Any content view or info that submit to our site will become our sole property and will not be returned back to you .Furthermore, when you post any of your review or comment on our website , you grant us the legal right to use your submission name in association with that comment view or content. No one visiting our website is not allowed to use a false name, identity or e-mail address as to the origin of any submission .in case of any such submission RETAIL-SOL.COM will be quite much obliged to remove such submissions without notifying.

Order pricing and processing:

The order processing may be halted due to some reasons. The site bears the right to cancel the order in at a particular time due to any reason. It is possible that we may inquire additional info for verification to process your order that might not be limited to your phone number and address.

In the case of online payments and transactions, we reserve the rights to validate the client’s payment record and his personal info shared with us before shipping him the product. This verification involves the verification of the person’s identity, or his residential address or the cross checking of one’s banking info. If such verifications are not responded as per RETAIL-SOL.COM requests, the order will be automatically canceled within two days of placing the order. More ever if we suspect any risk of fraudulent use of debit and credit card used for placing any order , we reserve the rights to cancel such order.

Retail Solution is determined to provide the accurate price of the products on the site for easy perusal of its valued clients. However, an error may still occur in the form that the price of the product is not mentioned on the site. In such case, the company bears the rights to cancel the order in case the product is mispriced. We may contact you to for updating the scenario or may cancel your order regardless of the fact that the order was confirmed or your card has been charged for it.

Copyrights and trademarks:

The intellectual content posted on the site is RETAIL-SOL.com’s property. Every info contents, text graphics, videos, photos, sounds and software compilations underlying source codes are solely RETAIL-SOL.COM’s property. The entire content of the RETAIL-SOL.COM is protected by the copyright of the site in collaboration with international conventions and Pakistan copyright laws.


Any sort of controversies or dispute aroused due to an implementation of the terms and conditions will be resolved with the aid of arbitrator appointed according to the rules of chartered institute of arbitrators. The language used to proceed the arbitration will be English and the venue of arbitration will be the USA .The decision of the Arbitration will be considered final but m might be entered in the court of competent jurisdiction in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1995.chapter .4

Termination of terms and condition:

In the case of any legal or equitable remedies, we are authorized to immediately terminate the terms and conditions without any prior notification. We are also authorized to revoke any or all of the rights granted under the label of terms and conditions. In case of the termination of the agreement, your access to use the sites will be immediately dissolved. Besides, we will immediately revoke all the password and user name assigned to the clients and subscribers in order to deny your access to use the website wholly or partially. However, the termination of the policy will not affect the obligations and rights of the trading parties before the date of termination. The site is not liable to anyone for any such termination of the policies. If you fell any sort of discontentment with the terms and conditions mentioned in operating this site, your sole responsibility is to immediately quit the use of this site.